Things to consider before choosing a Coworking Space

If you are a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer or a business owner, chances are that you are already aware of what a coworking space is, and the benefits it provides. But for the uninitiated, a coworking space may be defined as a shared office where multiple businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers might work together despite not being employed by the same organisation.

Numerous benefits like increased networking, savings, pre-organised amenities, etc have led to co-working spaces showing a tremendous growth rate in the past few years, especially when compared to conventional offices. India has been witnessing about 50% increase in the size of its coworking market per year over the past two years. It is evident that co-working spaces are a boon to entrepreneur, small business owners, startups and freelancers. However, you must not simply select a coworking space without giving it ample though just because it is the in-thing.

Here are some of the things you must consider before choosing a co-working space:

Keep in mind the requirements of your company – The very first thing to consider before choosing a shared workspace is the requirements of the company. An evaluation of the needs of the company, its employees and operations are required before choosing a co-working space. The same kind of co-working spaces is not suitable for all kinds of business. It is important to do thorough research and be armed with the knowledge of your business requirements before selecting a co-working space.

Search for a coworking space in a prime location – The location of your co-working space is also an extremely important factor to consider before shifting. Ideally, your co-working space should have a good network of transport, which makes it easy to commute and accessible to both your employees as well as your clients. Further, you should make sure that the location of your shared workspace is in a place with medical facilities, restaurants and other entertainment centres around it. This will make visiting your workplace an even more attractive proposition for your clients.

Go for a trial – You must consider whether the coworking space you are zeroing in on has the facility of providing a trial period in which you can assess its suitability to your needs. Take a trial at this place for a few days or weeks. This will help you not only in ascertaining whether the coworking space is providing the promised amenities, but also showcase if the place is worth your investment or not.

Check out the other inhabitants of your potential coworking space – Before choosing a workspace it would be wise to consider the other inhabitants of your shared workspace. You can find a lot of networking opportunities while sharing workspaces with people of similar interests. In this age where networking opens the doors for future jobs, this is a huge advantage to have. Further, being around passionate, hard-working co-workers, no matter which organization they are employed by, will always have a positive effect on your own work ethic.

Examine the contract details carefully – An entrepreneur must develop the habit of examining the contract details of every negotiation he enters, and the contract before getting into a new coworking space is no exception. You must read the contract carefully, and possibly get it revised by a trustworthy associate before moving into your new office. Make sure that there are no hidden agendas and costs mentioned in fine print in the contract or any other points which might hamper your business in the future.

Consider your budget – The expenditure you are willing to incur on your office is an important thing to consider before choosing a co-working space. Shared offices will almost always be a cheaper investment than getting your own personal office, and the capital you save as a result of choosing a shared workspace can be utilized on other things which would help your business grow. A co-working space also provides power backup, electricity, air-conditioning, maintenance, furniture etc, resulting in savings during the crucial phase of setting up a business.

Look for a coworking space which provides the best amenities – Every individual has a different set of requirements which helps them to be at their optimum level of efficiency while working and amenities provided by the workplace can be a huge help for that. Other than basic amenities which would probably be provided in every co-working space like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, IT support, parking spaces etc, individuals might also require additional comforts such as coffee machines, a hygienic eating space/canteen or games for mid-work recreation. Therefore, you should take a close look at the kind of amenities you prefer and if they are available before deciding on a new co-working space.

Choose a coworking space with community events – You would earn a huge advantage if the coworking space you are in organizes regular community events. Such events help you to meet up and network with all the members of your coworking community, as well as introducing you to guest speakers and other successful investors in your field. Taking part in such events in your coworking space will give a lot of exposure to your business and career. Always select a coworking space arrangement which is flexible – The co-working space you choose for yourself should provide you with flexibility and options. Your work timings, plans of business expansion, seating modifications, etc are changing all the time. As such, it is important to select a workplace which will cater to the demands of your constantly evolving operations.

The choice of the right kind of workplace plays an important role in the success of your business and career, thus it would be foolhardy to select a coworking space without proper diligence. We hope the above-mentioned points help you make an informed decision and give your entrepreneurial journey the best possible start by selecting your coworking space wisely!

You can head over to Workly coworking offices any time and decide on the coworking space which caters to all your needs, and give your entrepreneurial journey the best possible start!

Top Corporate Office Hubs in Delhi

Setting up your business in Delhi sounds like a daunting proposition. There are a million things to consider, from your budget to the number of employees, or most importantly, the kind of office or coworking space you should go for and its location. Here, we will help you zoom into the best office hubs in Delhi and tell you why getting a coworking space to start your journey in one of these locations is going to be a great deal for you!

1. Nehru Place:
 Built in the early 1980s, Nehru Place is a prominent financial and business centre in Delhi. The presence of several Indian firms and commercial businesses in this area, coupled with a bustling IT sector, small-scale shops dealing with high-end mobiles and computer hardware-software, and a vibrant bazaar which caters to all office technology and infrastructure needs have made it a popular office hub. Further, with the advent of coworking spaces in this area in recent years, Nehru Place has become one of the most sought-after markets for establishing business entities in the Delhi NCR region. It is easily accessible by all forms of public transport, with bus stations and its own metro station on the Violet Line of the Delhi Metro, apart from being just 30 minutes away from the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. Not only is it well connected to all parts of Delhi, this area also boasts of a plethora of fine dining options, multiplexes and hotel chains. Therefore, it must be said that getting a office space in Nehru Place to set up your business would be an extremely prudent choice.


2. Lajpat Nagar: Named after the famous freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai, Lajpat Nagar was developed in the 1950s and is now one of the most famous commercial neighbourhoods of Delhi. Being a perfect blend of residential buildings and community markets, Lajpat Nagar provides budding entrepreneurs with the opportunity to work in a genuine close-knit environment. It is well connected by the Delhi Transport Bus Services as well as the Delhi Mass Rapid Transit System. The Lajpat Nagar Metro Station is also nearby, providing increased accessibility to all visitors. The Central Lajpat Nagar Market, Amar Colony Market and plenty of other hotspots for entertainment and shopping are in this region, which makes it a very popular office hub. The trade sector in this area is also expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, which makes it the premium spot for getting a coworking space or office here. Workly coworking space in Lajpat Nagar is one of the best bet to get started on your entrepreneurial journey!


3. Connaught Place: Connaught Place, popularly known as CP, is the most important business and commercial area of Delhi, containing not only the headquarters of several Indian firms, but also a marketplace which is well known all over the world. This has made it the best place to get a coworking space in Delhi. It was constructed in 1933 and was the crowning jewel of Lutyens’ Delhi. It is regarded as one of the top heritage structures of the city, with its architecture and circular pathways being famous all over. Located in the heart of the capital, Connaught Place can be easily reached by the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station on the Yellow Line. It is the focal point of the metro network, and is in close proximity to the New Delhi Railway Station. It also contains uncountable avenues for entertainment, shopping, dining and business, prominent among which are the famed underground Palika Bazaar, the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Central Park etc. This area invites the best of workers to come & establish their offices, and getting office space in Connaught Place will guarantee you a terrific head start in the competitive world of business.


4. Sarvodaya Enclave: One of the most affluent neighbourhoods in South Delhi, Sarvodaya Enclave is fast emerging as an office hub of importance. It is well known throughout Delhi for its artistic houses, which attracts interior decorators and other entrepreneurs from the creative fields in particular. It is easily accessible from the Hauz Khas Metro Station, and possesses a lot of banks, eating options, parks and cafes for its residents and visitors. Its wide roads, spacious buildings and lush green surroundings lend the area an air of tranquillity, which is a huge attraction to office workers, enabling them to enjoy peace in between their hectic work schedules. This has made Sarvodaya Enclave one of the most popular destinations for getting offices and coworking spaces in the Delhi NCR region.


5. Hauz Khas Village: Developed by DLF in the 1960s, the Hauz Khas Village started to get modernised in the 1980s and today it is famous throughout northern India for a large number of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes in it. This has made it an extremely popular workspace destination or office hub for millennials, who firmly believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra. Located near the Hauz Khas Metro Station and well connected to all parts of the city, this area also houses the Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Fashion Technology and the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade among other educational institutions, which contribute a lot to the technological, fashion and commercial workforce of the nation. The Hauz Khas Village is home to a lot of creative minds and entrepreneurs who have established their business through coworking spaces in this area.

So there you have it! The locations mentioned above are the best office hubs in Delhi. All you need to do now is to make a decision about which of them would be most suitable for your entrepreneurial or business needs.

How to deal with boredom in the Workplace

WORKPLACE. For some people, the very word conjures images of enslavement – a walled structure filled with drudgery where hours have to be logged in and time has to be spent until the glorious release of the weekend. For others, the workplace is a setting where they pursue all their dreams, with opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.

But, every single person who has ever worked somewhere, no matter at what end of the love-hate work spectrum they are, have one thing in common. Every single worker has, at some point, been bored in their workplace.

Be it a worker who despises his job and only sees it as a means to pay off his bills, or someone who is living their dreams by having a job they love, or even someone who works in an unconventional setting, for instance – their home or a studio, the truth is that boredom in the workplace is an affliction which will strike every single one of us at some time (hopefully not too often) during our professional life, no matter how in love with our jobs we are.

However, there is some good news at the end of this rather bleak diagnosis; which is, that boredom in the workplace, if managed resourcefully, can be used as an effective tool not only for self-growth, but in ways which would be of use to the organisation/workplace itself. Some of the best methods in which boredom in the workplace can be dealt with are :

Indulge in some physical labour – Perhaps the best way to get rid of boredom at work is simply to get up and spend some time in a physical activity you enjoy. It might be in the shape of a quick workout in the office gym or a simple walk in the outdoors. Exercise, even in a mild amount, has been proven to release stress, increase stamina and improve enthusiasm. You will find that a simple walk around the neighbourhood would give you a fresh perspective and renewed vigour when you get back to your work, eliminating the sense of boredom you were feeling earlier.

– Socialising and talking to your co-workers is a great method of dealing with boredom at work. Not only does it help to pass time and distract oneself, but also, knowledge about your fellow employees can prove to be advantageous in the long run. The more you know about your co-workers, the more it would assist you during leadership roles in your organisation. Apart from this, this could lead to life-long friendships which would make your professional life a lot easier.

Learn new skills
– It is often said that no knowledge ever goes to waste. Boredom in the workplace can be used as an opportunity to brush up on knowledge or develop new skills. A new addition to the skill-arsenal can be an extremely handy tool in one’s career. A new language, computing knowledge, even watching and learning about cooking recipes can contribute to your all-round growth while keeping boredom at bay. Even if these skills are not relevant to the job of the individual, they will help him/her out in the long run.

Make work fun
– Another interesting method by which successful people get rid of boredom at work is by making their mundane work tasks seem fun. By being creative and using tactics like challenging yourself with fresh goals every once in a while, handing out of rewards for accomplishments, celebrating milestones or simply colour-coding your documents, you can keep yourself refreshed whenever boredom strikes.

Games and activities
– “Work hard and play harder” is the motto of several organisations. It has been seen that an enjoyable working environment filled with games, activities and healthy competition is conducive to increased morale as well as reduction in the boredom levels of employees. For this purpose, indoor games like mini-basketball, snooker, cards, carrom or chess can be set up and played with fellow workers in the workplace and other group activities may be organised. Apart from being a method of dealing with boredom, this also provides workers the chance of getting to know co-workers in an interesting way and forming bonds.

Personalise your workplace
– With the number of hours one spends there, the workplace is rightly regarded as a person’s second home. The next time you are bored at work, staring blankly at the computer screen or the walls, you could utilise this time to add a personal touch to your surroundings. An injection of colour, personal memorabilia, photographs, inspirational quotes etc to the workplace would not only help you to take your mind off work during phases of lethargy but also reduce the chances of you getting bored in the future. The more comfortable and invested in your workplace you are, the lesser is the chance of boredom there.

In the end, it must be said that while it is normal to feel bored in the workplace, it is something which you can use to your advantage. Every time boredom rears its ugly head, it is an opportunity to work towards development, bring about change, and discover personal and professional facets you might previously have been unaware of. Thus, using boredom as an avenue to happiness in the workplace is one of the best mantras to success, and must be recognised as such.

Workly provides you such workspaces which help you combat boredom in your workplace. We have our coworking spaces located in premium locations of New Delhi. The workspaces are designed to bring just the right ambience that changes your mood and evoke the feeling of happiness.

Coworking as a Blessing for Millennials

Today startups find convenience in co-working spaces which provides them with a perfect workspace choice for scaling much faster. Effective coworking places are thoughtfully made keeping in mind startup founders who will have to tackle industry trials and challenges easily.

To set up one’s own company in the region of Delhi NCR would not be that easy on one’s pockets. It comes with a great deal of monetary constraints. Co-working options available around town will be a great choice to find an economical option.


Good Co-working spaces will provide its members the following benefits:


  • Availability of Modern Amenities under one roof.

A good co-working office will have the latest and modern amenities like Meeting Rooms, Food and Beverages section, internet access, Phone availability etc. Working on your own in an isolated environment, such as a garage or one’s bedroom, could be dull and unpleasant. 

  • Availability of various Events and Resources

A right co-working space will provide its members with means and events which are value-driven. Various panel discussions, workshops, wherein they prepare members with the additional information and understandings required to tackle obstructions with ease.

  • Occasions to Associate with Industry leaders and Influencers

Right and effective corporate partnership can take a startup entrepreneurship to great heights.

  • The possibilities of receiving a required Venture Capital Funding would be increased.

Most important venture capitalists would keep a close contact with the co-working communities in anticipation of their subsequent large investment breaks.

  • Office Administration

Co-working spaces will take care of the basic amenities and daily requirements in an office environment leaving the startup members to build their companies.

Above all of this, there is liberty to work in one’s own way with negligibly rigid, great community support and thoughtfully designed office surroundings which make it an appealingly attractive option for work.


Millennial Generation and their Aversion to Commercial Leasing Spaces


Generation Z is quite skilled, resourceful, and knowledgeable albeit they also have a lot of impatience in store. This generation is always looking to break the rules but in a constructive way. Following the traditional norms of renting out a commercial space to work from is a topic of history.

A student of the millennial generation is often in the lookout for-

  • A completely optimized system, for they can concentrate on the revenue generation model for their businesses,
  • A high-spirited working environment for their theme is “Work Hard, Play Hard”.
  • A creative and de-stressing zone to rejuvenate themselves from a hibernation period.
  • Flexible routines, for they don’t want to be tied up to look after or manage physical
  • assets (for example furniture, electricity bill payments, housekeeping services, etc.).

When it comes to giving independence to the millennial generation, the introduction of coworking spaces is a great opportunity. It not only helps relieve a budding entrepreneur and his team of some complex administrative tasks but enables his brain to work 10x smarter. Coworking space is a boon to the industry and definitely has a long run in the marketplace. Workly Coworking Space is one such example of great endeavor for new entrepreneurs.


Workly Co-working Spaces in South Delhi situated in Nehru Place, Lajpat Nagar, and Sarvodaya Enclave respectively, offers a whole lot of benefits.

The Workly Co-working space in Nehru Place provides its members with greater access to key players including mentors, legal experts, industry influencers etc.

Co-working Spaces in Delhi NCR offers Entrepreneurs and Startups an entirely new platform to work and accomplish together with just the right atmosphere for teamwork and innovation.



Plastic Recycling Facts and Green Sustainability

According to reports released in 2015, the production and disposal of plastic has tremendously increased to 380 million tonnes. The massive production of this non-biodegradable waste has posed a lot of global climate concerns in the last 70 years.

In India each year there is about 6 million tons un-recycled plastic waste. Plastic is found everywhere and has become an integral part of our daily lives. Plastic is considered to be the most workable raw materials of the present age.

Impact of Plastic on Environment

According to recent studies, it has been concluded that several marine animals have encountered plastic entanglement (cases presented in National Geographic and other YouTube channels) that includes at least 344 cumulative species of marine turtles, seals, whales, as well as seabirds. A recent case of plastic entanglement was when a marine turtle had to be rescued from a plastic straw trapped in its nostril area.

Experts have opined that if the plastic ban is not imposed soon, the annual waste generation in India is expected to rise to 165 million tonnes by 2030. This adds up to 66000 hectares of land that amounts to 90 percent of the area of Bangalore. Quite scary, huh!

Global Measures Taken to Reduce Plastic use

  1. During the World Environment Day 2018 event, India not only played a perfect host but also pledged to lead the “Beat Plastic Pollution” initiative- the agenda of the event.
  2. This mission is aimed to be achieved by civic management and celebration.
  3. China and EU have already started its war against plastic waste by pledging the use of only reusable or recyclable plastic for each piece of item packaged in any part of EU. This mission is set to be completed by 2030.
  4. Ireland contributes to a plastic-free nation’s objective by incurring a ‘bag tax’ on each plastic bag purchased. This measure was implemented in 2002 and has already helped reduce plastic usage by 90% and minimized trash production to a great extent.
  5. France has already introduced a ‘Plastic ban’ law back in 2016 which aims at prohibiting every piece of plastic items (cups, plates, utensils, etc.) by 2020.
  6. Rwanda, a developing nation, has already declared itself plastic-free since 2008.
  7. Sweden follows the policy ‘No Plastic Ban, Instead More Plastic Recycling’.

How Can We Create a Plastic-Free Environment?

  1. Minimize the use of or get rid of plastic bags.
  2. Start carrying a reusable water bottle and stop buying water that ends up in the trash can.
  3. Reduce venturing out for food, instead start preparing and cooking your own meal.
  4. Support the cause- ban on plastic and if not carrying a bag, pay the bag tax.
  5. Begin investing in bulk-purchase option, instead of a once everyday affair.

Driving a Trash-Free and Plastic Recycling Environment in a Coworking Space

A Coworking space houses, not just one business setup but several distinct B2B or B2C services. Each set up has its own requirement of maintaining and sorting documents which further includes document scanning, faxing services, duplication, disposition, etc. But this, eventually, does not align with the idea of a Paperless or Plastic recycling environment.

An alarming pollution level in the capital has raised concerns on the precautionary measures adopted by commercial and industrial settlements. This made Workly Coworking Space in South Delhi that includes locations such as Nehru Place, Lajpat Nagar, Sarvodaya Enclave give importance to their workspace with the idea of green sustainability. The plastic ban has been prioritized by Workly Coworking Spaces across all its locations which is certainly a great move forward. Perhaps more organizations can join this bandwagon to make India the leader in helping abolish plastic and thus making Earth a suitable place to live in.

How Coworking Spaces Helps You in Your Business

How Coworking Spaces Helps You in Your Business

Have you recently ventured on in a start-up? Feeling flabbergasted to invest a huge sum in infrastructure? A Coworking Space is the best solution for you then. The concept of a coworking space is quite noble, to begin with. Allowing more than one business to operate from one single location without any hiccups.

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space has completely revolutionized the traditional concept of an office setup. Deriving an idea of creating a work space of a colossal of different companies or employees from different organization, a coworking space has come a long way and is now an industrial phenomenon. The current trend of majority of start-up or small businesses opting for coworking space can be discerned from the fact that-

  1. Currently there are about 14,411 coworking spaced around the world.
  2. The average area of a coworking space has increased from 15,000 sq ft to 22,300 sq ft in the last two years.
  3. India is expected to see a whopping $400 million investment in coworking space by 2018.
  4. The number of workers opting for coworking space is expected to rise to an astounding 5.1 million figure by 2022.

Facilities A Coworking Space has to Offer

People choose a coworking space over other commercial spaces so that they can-

  1. Have flexibility to manage their businesses.
  2. Have a hassle-free office setup that can release a huge burden off their shoulders
  3. Separate workstations and meeting rooms,
  4. Easily setup events and other functions to pull off their business goals.
  5. Get access to a cost-effective solution (No hassle to manage administrative goals).
  6. Identify networking opportunities in a closed but diversified work environment.
  7. And several other features.

How is a Coworking Space suitable for a Start-up?

Marketing, Sales, Distribution-entrepreneurs have a lot of areas to work upon even in a start-up venture. The idea behind the inception of a coworking space to help a solo entrepreneur or a partnership firm to-

  1. Have flexibility of attending meetings,
  2. Complete their marketing tasks,
  3. Invite clients and conduct sessions in a professional and welcoming set up,
  4. Have easy rental options with flexible hours,
  5. Network with other businesses working from the same space,
  6. Identify solutions to their business problems by observing other companies,

And much more…

Given the paradox of complex daily activities performed by organizations, small companies per se, a coworking environment offers the entrepreneurs with a breath of fresh air. Workly Coworking Space eases the burden off the shoulders of its clients by facilities like a hassle-free office set up, conference room, separate workstations, 24*7 Power Back Up, a High-speed internet access, a cafeteria with unlimited tea and coffee for refreshment, and over and above a fit environment.

Coworking Space in Delhi NCR

The Workly coworking space in Delhi NCR, as well as Nehru Place, offers a startup with an envious environment to kick start the activities of the business during its preliminary days. This place is well-connected with other parts of the region via cars and metros.